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Our Bail Bond Services

When someone you know, either family member or friend, is in trouble with the law and has been incarcerated, Off The Hook Bail Bonds can help you get them released in timely manner. We start by meeting with our customers to gather the information and then we negotiate the price. The pricing depends on the bail amount set by the judge, as well as the size of the bond and the backup collateral of the co-signer. Co-signing or collateral is put up against the bond. We take care of all the paperwork and even turn it into the court personally. Release times are always dependent upon the jail scheduling. However, we are committed to getting the work done for you as quickly as possible.
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After Jail Release

Once released from jail, you have been released into our bail bondsman’s custody. You will have required check in dates and we track you to ensure you are checking in at the appropriate times. Additional fees may be assessed if you miss a check-in time and missing one can ultimately result in the co-signer being made immediately responsible for the full bail amount.

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